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Carlson Gracie Grand Rapids

Carlson Gracie Grand Rapids is a family friendly and competitive Brazilian jiu jitsu gym in the Grand Rapids area looking to inspire and motivate people to reach their potential. Whether that is through weight loss goals from training or competitive goals all the way to learning grappling for self defense purposes.

We look to create a diverse and welcoming environment that can be a great part of this beautiful Grand Rapids Brazilian jiu jitsu scene. Carlson Gracie Jiu jitsu started as one of the best forms of grappling for mma in the early 90’s carlson sr showed this with dominant mma champions which eventually became American top team Brazilian top team and several other top mma gyms people know of today. We continue this tradition by always emphasizing positional control and the ability to submit your opponent to end the fight.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is an amazing tool to build self confidence, physical fitness, problem solving skills and create friendships through training that will last a lifetime. We look forward to training with you!

Contact us via phone and speak to Sarah to get started.


Carlson Gracie Grand Rapids
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