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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coaching Resources

Coaches, you have a tough job.


You have to take complex movements and break them down into parts.  You need to define concepts, goals, and ideas to an audience with a diverse set of skills and goals.  You have to give each student just the right amount of feedback to propel them to the next step, but not overload them with too much information.  These are challenges with no easy solutions.  

Your role transcends technique.  It is relationships, safety, and culture.  It is teaching kids, hobbyists, and competitors. It is communicating with your team, parents, and the public.  Each of these topics provides an area to be developed, so that you can become a master of your craft. 


Below, you will find resources to help study the game. 

Coaching Resources

US Safe Sport outlines healthy relationships between coaches and students.  Their resources help define boundaries to ensure a safe and healthy culture in your gym.

The Positive Coaching Alliance is dedicated to creating a positive youth sports culture.  It provides a simple framework for communicating the roles of parents and coaches to help best support our young athletes. 

Heads Up to Youth is a CDC run program that offers training on concussion awareness for both coaches and parents.  What are the signs of concussion? What should you do when a student hits their head? What guidance can you offer parents? This program answers these questions and helps provide free resources for coaches and parents. 

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) refers to the stages of athlete development, and what we should be focused on as coaches.  The best free resource comes from Athlete Canada, and is linked to the left.  You can buy the definitive book here. USA Wrestling has a simple poster here

Ecological Dynamics is a field of study in sports science.  It has become a popular training tool in sports, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  One of the more approachable content producers on ecological dynamics is Rob Gray, and his website is linked to the left. 

Trauma Informed Coaching

Trauma informed coaching recognizes that everyone comes to the game with their own history that may effect their training experience.  As a coach, you can recognize these challenges and foster an environment that allows every student to feel safe and included on your team.  You can find a good set of information here. 

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